Why is My Google Ad Not Running After Being Approved?

This may be due to several factors. Sometimes, you may be unable to approve your ad because of billing issues. In this case, Google may notify you that you need to switch credit cards or remove any holds on your account. If this happens, your dashboard will display a red bar.

Keyword match types

There are a few reasons your ad may not be running – including low search volume. Depending on your ad, your keyword may be too low to be found in search results, and the ads won’t appear until a higher search volume is found. This can cause your ad to be approved but not run.

Another reason your ad isn’t running is that Google miscategorized it. Sometimes, the “Approved” Status of an ad gets mixed up with “Approved (limited). However, Google won’t notify you of this unless you look for it. To find mischaracterized ads:

  1. Go to your Google account.
  2. Make sure that the status and policy details columns are visible.
  3. If they aren’t, click on the columns button and add them.

If your ad hasn’t been approved after one business day, it is most likely still in the approval process. If it hasn’t run within that timeframe, you can contact Google support to ask them to review your ad manually. They will usually respond within two business days. Manual reviews are not always successful, so you should weigh the advantages and risks before submitting an ad for manual review.

Google wants to provide the best possible experience for searchers, so ads that don’t give a good user experience will be disapproved. To avoid this, ensure a complete ad, including keywords, landing page, and description, then submit it for approval. Once your ad is approved, you should wait a few days before your ad starts running.

Ad approval

Several reasons your Google ad doesn’t appear on the search engine results page after approval. Sometimes, your ad may be pending approval or have been disapproved. If this is the case, you can’t change your ad until Google approves it.

You can manually check the approval status of your ad in Google Ads. Look for the Status column, which will indicate Approved, Disapproved, or Approved (limited). Click the small question mark to view more information. You can also view the complete list of approval statuses in Google’s Ads Help Guide.

Ads may take a day to be approved, and while they’re typically approved within a business day, they may still be disapproved during the review process. You can expedite the process by following Google’s guidelines. For example, you should not publish content that promotes counterfeit goods or engage in data collection. Additionally, your ad should not contain political or adult content. Technical issues may also delay the approval process. You can contact a PPC agency for assistance if this is the case.

Regardless of the reason, it is essential to remember that if your ads aren’t showing up on search engines, you need to ensure they are relevant to your niche. In addition, the keywords you’re using should be appropriate. You need to ensure they won’t violate Google’s policies.

Ad throttling

You might have noticed that your ads are being throttled after approval. While you technically do not violate Google’s ad policies, your ads may be restricted to specific categories, locations, and times. To fix this, you can temporarily increase your budget.

One of the essential tips for video ads is ensuring they match the video ads in your inventory. If you’re bidding on videos, provide you know how long they should be and ensure your ad tags contain the correct extension and MIME type. This will let Google know what format your videos are in. For instance, if your ads are set to be shown on mobile devices, you should choose the appropriate form.

Ad status

You might have noticed that your Google ad is not running after being reviewed, approved, and published. There could be several reasons for this. For instance, your account may be suspended or have a billing issue. In such cases, your ads won’t run until the problem is resolved. You can try changing your keywords or broadening the scope of your ad. This can help your ad show up on a wide variety of searches.

You can manually approve your ad if it has a problem. However, this problem may recur whenever you create a new ad or update an old one. In such a case, it’s essential to make sure that you have reviewed and approved your ad before submitting it.

Another reason why your ad is not running is that you’ve included a questionable link in your ad. This might cause your ad to be disapproved. However, there are ways to fix this problem without paying for a new ad.

If your ad is approved and you have contacted Google, they will usually review your ad within a business day. However, this process is not straightforward, and it can take several days for your ad to be approved. You can do a few things to speed up this process and ensure your ads are approved as soon as possible.

Ad pause

If you are a small or medium-sized business owner and you’ve noticed your Google ad isn’t running as effectively as it used to, it might be time to take action. The good news is that there are several ways you can fix the problem. First, you can delete the paused ad. It might take up to several days for your ad to resume running.

You can also submit paused ads for review. Google will review them alongside active ads. To complete this process, you’ll need to sign in to your Google Ads account. To do this, log in to your Google Ads account and click on the Page menu. From the page menu, click on Pause.

There are a few reasons why your ad might be suspended. One reason might be a policy violation. Google will stop your ad if there are multiple violations. In addition, you should check the information in your Google Ads account with the information on your website. Any discrepancy may cause Google to view your ad as a misrepresentation.

If you’ve followed these guidelines and still have problems, you can try submitting your ad for manual review. Google will send it to their ad review team for review. They will typically respond within two business days. Manual checks are often successful, but you should still be aware of the risks and carefully weigh your options.

Ad paused

If you have a campaign on Facebook, you may have noticed that your ads are paused or removed. Luckily, you can take a few steps to fix this problem. The first step is to check the Status of your ads. You may have a disapproved ad if they are not showing up in the search results. If you are unsure of the reason, read Google’s ad policies.

To pause an ad, go to the Campaigns page, and click Pause. From there, you can decide whether to resume or delete it. You can also change the text of your ad if you want. By doing this, you can avoid incurring additional charges. To resume a paused ad, follow the steps below.

To resume a paused ad, visit your campaign’s Ad Manager. You can resubmit an advertisement for review if you’ve already broken it. Google will review it as if it were active, but it will be a lower priority than new ads.

Another way to fix a paused ad is to create a pause rule. Just as with any other law, you should name the government appropriately. Make sure to apply it to all ads with paused Status in their ad set or campaign. Also, ensure the pause rule applies to ads containing your keywords in the campaign or ad set name.

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