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Are you starting a business online and thinking about the ideal companion? Do you not have the time or energy to get out of your house but would like to earn some extra cash? Well, go ahead with this Kartra Review!

So, I was just like you a while ago and this is also the reason behind my being here, today, I will walk you through a knowledge world regarding Kartra. This article should give you detailed information about this brand.

When I first started with my online business, worry engulfed me but later on, Kartra came to my rescue!

To avoid the same reasons for worry and stress, you can trust me on this article and find out for yourself if Kartra is what you want.

Now, let me give you a gist of what all will be mentioned in Kartra Review, so, shall we? 

  • What exactly is Kartra? 
  • Who would Kartra fit the best? 
  • What is the list of features offered by this brand? 
  • The sort of support system that is provided here. 
  • What is the cost of Kartra? 
  • Lastly, we talk about an alternative, that is, Systeme.io. 

What is Kartra?

Kartra - About

Let me get started with what exactly Kartra is before we dive into the complexes. It is a platform that has been fully integrated to enable every part of the software to work smoothly and efficiently. 

The platform has everything an individual would need to build a successful business online.

And when I say everything, I mean everything. So, if you are thinking about things like email marketing, hosting, checkouts for carts, webinars, videos, split-testings, yup, all of that. 

All of these features have been created with the ability to integrate without causing any trouble.

The best part is that this platform has been created for anyone, that is, whether you are new to this interesting world of online businesses or entered it ages ago matters little. 

The newbies will appreciate how easy it is to use this brand while the experienced users will like how they have to put little effort when it comes to using it.

Now, the ones who are zero experience will need only a few days at max to get the hang of this platform. 

While the other, tech pros can be sure that they are allowed to experiment away with the customized, complex, and highly advanced sales funnels to choose the ideal needs for a business. 

Who Is Kartra Targeted At?

This may turn out to be surprising, but Kartra is not suitable for anyone on the planet.

You might be wondering why is that especially since I mentioned earlier that it is extremely simple to put to use and fun for experienced users too. But do not fret, I was not lying.

But there are cases where Kartra can be more of a burden than a helper, for example, if you own a reliable setup that is in place and is helping your business out very well, then, Kartra is not the best for you right now. 

The saying, “if it is not broken, do not fix it!” is applicable here.

It works best for those of us who are newbies to this world of online businesses or the people who are looking for a solution to their incompatible hosting tools. 

It is perfect for entrepreneurs that are tight on money and time too to hire an incredible team of developers and such people to get their business up and running in no time.

A person who would like to spend a lesser amount of time on petty issues like software problems and considerably more time on what is important, like producing and closing sales. 

Also, this is an ideal fit for people who are looking for alternatives to leading brands in this field, like LeadPages and ClickFunnels.

Now, they might be good but they make your pockets go empty in no time. 

What Features Does Kartra Offer? 

If you have some knowledge about this brand because you have heard of it before or have used it partially in the past, you would know that Kartra offers way too many features to be able to cover in a single review. 

Sure, it offers a lot of features that would send you flying to the moon but here, we will discuss the most important ones that will probably make your business blossom. 

Page Builder 

Kartra Review -Kartra Pages

When you have to run a business online, a web page is in line because you cannot run a business online without the help of a web page, can you? That is exactly why the Kartra Page builder is vital. 

The editor you are offered here is pretty much whatever you see.

For people such as myself, what I mean is a beginner who has zero experience in this field, the platform offers over 100 premade templates that can be used to build any kind of website you want. 

The templates are pretty attractive and they range from anywhere from old-school to modern. 

Using the Builder 

Bringing changes into a template is straight to the point and easy here.

This can be anything, from changing an image or the template style or even the editing texts. Also, you can incorporate the newer elements with the help of blocks that are provided. 

Most of the time, the editor is super intuitive and quick.

Also, this tool is pretty easy to put to use, it can also be a little rigid and long-winded. That is one downside since simple, easy actions may take a little more time than they should. 

Split Testing 

Do you realize what the rage is these days? running split tests on the landing pages thoroughly.

This feature enables you to produce about two different variations of the same page and then, both of these variations are picked randomly to be displayed to the browsers.

Kartra offers amazing split tests that you can put to use pretty simply because of its flexibility. If you would like to make changes to a copy of a specific page, go for itWould you like to remove a video? No one is stopping you!

Are you in the mood for tearing down an entire design page and put two different pages to test? Go ahead and do it!

That is the thing! The split tests here allow you such flexibility while the other brands may make it a little harder and also not let you run it on bigger, more important features.

Products and Carts 

Let me remind you of the reason behind why we are here, it is because you require a platform that will let you sell your online goods on the internet, right? Well, yes, so, let us take a look at another essential feature of this platform. 

The products and carts feature. I mean, hear me out, you can have the most wonderful website on the planet but what use would it be if you do not have a product or a service to sell? 

So, luckily, there is a feature of a shopping cart that is built into the platform to aid you in selling your services or products or both effectively. Now, when you are adding a product to the platform, you will encounter a choice. 

The first option is to produce the main product and the other option is to try out upselling and down selling the product. The product will then be showcased according to the choice you made. 

For those of you who have no experience with the shopping cart feature, do not worry, Kartra will walk you through all of that but for those of you who know what to do, well, you will be in a familiar environment! 

Kartra Affiliate Portal 

Kartra affiliate

Taking into consideration that Kartra’s feature of shopping carts is a valuable part of an even larger system, the feature seems pretty impressive and it is. Although, when the affiliate portal comes into the scene, it gets even more interesting! 

In order to allow your audience to become a bunch of promoters for you, you can integrate the affiliate portal into the products you produce. The good thing is that you can check in with the person to see if he/she are the potential affiliates. 

You are also allowed to analyze the data you wish to analyze and view information on your affiliate, especially important details like the history of payouts, and the number of referrals that affiliate gains.  

You can choose your affiliate by using a Questionnaire and the good thing is that they can also be screened with a couple of mandatory terms and conditions applied. Also, access to the remaining of your product sales will be handed over to you. 

So, you essentially have an overview of about anything, like, the sales, the visits, the revenues, the refunds, the cancellations, and the values of the customers using this data. 

Kartra Email Marketing 

Kartra Review-Kartra Email

If you would like to gain leads, it is highly recommended to build a strong strategy for marketing using emails. That is where Kartra comes to our rescue since it offers a bunch of features like automation, sequences, tagging, and email broadcasts. 

This specific module of the platform is essentially aiming at the replacement of huge services for email marketing like MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc. and as you can probably tell, there is no little feat. 

So, that brings up a question, how exactly does Kartra’s email marketing strategy work? Well, to put it simply, you use leads, now they can be added manually or can be imported from CSV files to create email lists. 

This is super useful in a situation where you are moving from a platform for email marketing to another. 


The broadcasting feature available here lets you send emails to your business associates or clients or anyone you want.

In fact, if you think that SMSs are appropriate or if it is an emergency, you can send messages through that too. 


A workflow builder is also another feature offered by Kartra that has been named a sequence builder. Although it is a useful feature, it can get a little bit tedious to put it to use. 

For example, if you want to add an element, or shifting a couple of items around the area may lead the entire editor to freeze up. Now, as it is easy to imagine, this can get quite frustrating. 

Although, if you are capable of handling the lag, Kartra provides a productive marketing system to work with emails that consist of many features other email marketing products offer. 

Sure, it may not beat the best and leading marketing systems that work with emails but for a thoroughly integrated marketing system, it works pretty well. 


Here is another advantageous feature offered by Kartra, it has connections with GDPR. It assists the GDPR as a useful email marketing module.

In the year 2018, GDPR was enforced and if you have customers in the EU region, it is mandatory for you to adhere to the laws and regulations here. 

However, Kartra comes to our rescue again since the GDPR compliance has been made pretty quickly and simply here. 

Marketing Campaigns 

The wonderful creation of marketing campaigns is another feature of Kartra. The platform uses the work of popular marketers, Frank Kern, for instance, and helps users to create some hugely successful marketing campaigns. 

For beginners like myself who have no knowledge in this field can use the premade templates to put together an attractive marketing campaign.

But if you would like, you can create a successful marketing campaign from scratch or at least, attempt to do so as I tried. 

If you are going for the latter, you are going to need all of the media you have produced using the platform for a good setup.

Although, if you choose to go for the former, you can simply sit back and relax because Kartra will do all of that for you. 

At the moment, there is a total of 5 marketing campaigns a person can choose from.

Each of these campaigns focuses on a unique marketing point. If you wish to get your hands on more knowledge about each campaign, do not worry! 

All you have to do is click on the campaign that has got your attention and you will be walked through a video that speaks about that particular campaign and the goals it has set for itself. 

Kartra Marketplace 

Now, if you would like to share your made campaigns with other users, you can and you will also be able to view their campaigns if they choose to share them with you. Surely, you can view the campaigns and judge which one would be the best-suited campaign for your business. 

Although, here is the catch, expect a fee. But moving on, you can be assured that it is an excellent way in which an individual can discover a brand-new and probably unique angle for your brand to move in. 

If you come anywhere close to mastering the art of producing successful campaigns, you are in for a gain in profits!

To sell a campaign, you have to design a campaign first and then, make an addition to all the useful and relevant assets a person would look for. 

Also, you probably can offer extra services here, for example, readapting the style of campaigns for the users who choose that or help them manage their Kartra platform in exchange for a fee.

To keep it simple, it is perfect if you wish to make a career out of it too. 

Video Hosting 

The word “video hosting” brings brands like Youtube to the mind. But Kartra also offers similar features for video hostings. Yup, surprisingly, right? We all know that the more unique the content, the more it sells. 

That is because it has the power of engaging spectators because of its uniqueness and the best part is that popular social media platforms prefer videos to images and text posts. 

You can use Kartra to upload the marketing footage you make, produce them directly to Kartra, and then,  embed most of them or all of them into different pages. Now, these consist of Membership portals, WordPress blogs, and other landing pages. 

This video hosting platform offers many unique and useful features, for example, their quality of the call to action feature that pops out of nowhere while a video is playing. 

What Support Does Kartra Offer? 

Kartra Review - Services

Surely, sometimes, a new business seems a little daunting and that makes things a lot more stressful than they used to be. Luckily, Hartra offers a couple of options through which one can get their answers and engage in stressless conversations with the brand. 


The onboarding support offered by Kartra is great. Especially because it lets you know where exactly you are in the journey of understanding the software. It also gives you information about what you should be expecting next. 

You will be receiving several emails regarding the introduction after you are done signing up. But the most essential mail would be the one regarding a link that connects you to the login page along with your login details. 

The first time you log in to your account, you will encounter a welcome video where a couple of predominant features will be explained and the following steps you must stick to for a successful journey on this platform. 

The footage will give you valuable information but not too much in order to not overwhelm you and a sidebar checklist will be presented to you to get you familiar with Kartra.

Of course, it is not necessary but it is recommended by many such as myself to do so. 

To conclude, the onboarding process is immensely useful and strong. It plays a huge part in leaving you with assurance with its straightforwardness. 

Facebook Group 

A private group chat was made on Facebook that anyone can join in a couple of clicks.

You can do this even on the free trial offered by Kartra. Joining such groups not only gets you engaged but also gives you a chance to speak to other marketing professionals and Kartra users. 

Most of the people you will meet there are more than glad to share stories about their experience and answer any questions you may have for them.

The group is specifically monitored to keep annoying spam and unwanted promotions miles away. 

Concierge Service 

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel overwhelmed with this platform, you can choose to use a concierge service that is offered by Kartra, and remember that this service is not provided in any of the paid packages. 

It costs just $150 and the team you are provided with will set anything you want up, be it, squeeze pages, thank you notes, the sequences of emails, automation, product pages, and tagging. 

Also, if you are someone who does not have the time to waste on setting things up, you can use this service. Surely, it may seem a little too expensive at first but when you consider the amount of time it saves, it is all worth it. 

How Much Does Kartra Cost? 

Kartra Review Pricing

After all of that information, you may be wondering how much Kartra costs, well, let me assure you that these prices aren’t much when the benefits are taken into consideration. 

Well, Kartra offers a variety of paid packages that have varying prices.

Although, the real stuff that makes the difference is the number of contacts, monthly bandwidth, and the monthly sends on email allowed for each plan. 

The features, tools, and benefits stay the same for each plan. And another amazing thing is that you do not have to pay additional prices for anything except the Concierge service provided here. 

Now, let us talk pricings, shall we? 

Kartra Starter Plan   

As you can read, this starter pack is ideal for those of you who run a small company that has an email list of about 2,500 accounts or those of you who are starting a brand new business. 

  • It costs about $99 per month. 
  • The contacts can go up to 2,500. 
  • You are allowed around 15,000 emails every month. 
  • The membership sites allowed in this pack are 2. 
  • The number of pages created can go up to 100 max. 
  • You get about 100 total automation. 
  • The products created are a total of 20.
  • The page visits are pretty limitless. 
  • The bandwidth a user gets with this pack is 50 GB.
  • The desktop portals you will be getting here are 2. 
  • Around 20 sequences of dynamic follow-ups. 
  • You get a customizable domain. 

Kartra Silver plan

This is the most popular package used on Kartra. 

  • It costs about $199 per month. 
  • You are allowed around 125,000 emails every month. 
  • The membership sites allowed in this pack are unlimited. 
  • The number of pages created is limitless. 
  • You get an unlimited amount of total automation. 
  • The products created are limitless.
  • The page visits are pretty limitless. 
  • The bandwidth a user gets with this pack is 125 GB.
  • The help desk portals you will be getting here are unlimited. 
  • An unlimited amount of sequences of dynamic follow-ups. 
  • You get 3 customizable domains. 

Kartra Gold Plan

You should go for this pack if you have a bigger list of contacts. 

  • It costs about $299 per month. 
  • You are allowed around 250,000 emails every month. 
  • The membership sites allowed in this pack are unlimited. 
  • The number of pages created is limitless. 
  • You get an unlimited amount of total automation. 
  • The products created are limitless.
  • The page visits are pretty limitless. 
  • The bandwidth a user gets with this pack is 200 GB.
  • The help desk portals you will be getting here are unlimited. 
  • An unlimited amount of sequences of dynamic follow-ups. 
  • You get 5 customizable domains. 

Kartra Platinum plan

If your mail list goes over 50,000 contacts, this plan is perfect to aid you and your business. 

  • It costs about $499 per month. 
  • You are allowed around 500,000 emails every month. 
  • You can have a contact list that goes up to 50,000.
  • The membership sites allowed in this pack are unlimited. 
  • The number of pages created is limitless. 
  • You get an unlimited amount of total automation. 
  • The products created are limitless.
  • The page visits are pretty limitless. 
  • The bandwidth a user gets with this pack is 500 GB.
  • The helpdesk portals you will be getting here are unlimited. 
  • An unlimited amount of sequences of dynamic follow-ups. 
  • You get 10 customizable domains. 

Karta Enterprise Plan 

This package is the best and most beneficial of all.

The plan is so huge that you need to talk to the support team available here to discuss the pricing, the perks, and the email list capabilities. 

Although, to give you a little gist of what you will be getting, know that everything in the Platinum pack will be available here too. Only, a lot more things will be added, for instance, if you need over 100,000 leads, this pack will serve as the right choice for you! 

Is Kartra Worth It? 

Kartra Review Analysis

When you are running an online business, it is inevitable that you would need a platform that will launch and develop it.

While platforms like WordPress turn out to be good brands to choose from for running an online business, they do not include everything vital to run a company. 

While many people choose a couple of hosting solutions that will get their business running, this can turn out to be a tedious and utterly time-consuming task. Here is when Kartra steps in. 

It is amazing since it eliminates the problem of getting everything to work together without causing much trouble.

It is a marketing system where web page hosting, creator of sales funnels, tools for email marketing, landing page builders, software for marketing automation, and tools for analysis, and a lot more! 

For most of you, this platform will have everything you will ever need to run a successful business online. This powerful software includes almost anything one might need to sell their products and services without much difficulty. 

While the monthly fees may seem expensive, you will change your mind if you realize that to buy other products that will help you do the same things as Kartra, you would be spending a whole lot more. 

In the long run, you save a lot more money because you do not have to use different software to perform simple tasks. Also, one thing you should keep in mind is that this platform is only suitable for those of you who want to sell digital stuff. 

For example, E-books or Webinars or stuff like that but physical items are a no-go here. 

Using Systeme.io As An Alternative To Kartra

Another affordable platform is Systeme.io. It is quite similar to Kartra when it comes to its quality to be a platform that enables you to kick-start your online business pretty easily. 

It also is suitable for people who would like to sell their products online or run a small company online. People who are looking for simple ways to manage their business would also appreciate such a platform. 

Just like Kartra, this platform has everything you need to start a successful business online and is fully integrated with lots of useful features. Although, unlike Kartra, this platform lets you send limitless emails.

Pros and Cons 


  • You can create and track links to your products where you can track opt-ins and sales. 
  • You can create your lists, you’re gonna have your email and you can even set-up email broadcasts where you can send out a weekly newsletter.
  • After someone signs-up Kartra allows you to set email automation to send things out. 
  • In Kartra, you can do a lot of different things based on whether people watch the video or whether they visited a page or if they opted-in for something or if they ask a question on the help desk, etc. 
  • The reason why Kartra is great is that everything inside Kartra communicates with other parts. 
  • One of the benefits of using an all-in-one marketing tool is that it is more seamlessly communicated well as it’s all built together so it worked better together. 
  • If you are using many tools then Kartra is the best page builder or the best video hosting or best any other tool that you need.
  • The deliverability in the emails is much better than the likes of the more expensive systems out there such as active campaigns which can be a little precious when compared. 
  • The deliverability with Kartra is really good where you can import lists very easily and it is far easier to send out emails to everyone.
  • The templates they use inside are beautiful as well.


  • It does not have an in-built video editor.
  • It does not offer any credits to the users.
  • It also has an average video player.
  •  It does not offer live streaming in the student community.
  • It cannot create opinion polls and set events for the users. 
  • You cannot create blog posts in the page builder.
  • The builder has some limitations and it is not dynamic.
  • It lacks flexibility.
  • It does not have a Split-Testing tool.
  • It is pretty expensive to the users. 

Quick Links

FAQs | Kartra Review

🙆‍♀️Is Kartra user-friendly?

Yes, Kartra is user-friendly as it is very simple to use and easy to understand. With Kartra, you can build a page builder for your business. Kartra is an all-in-one marketing tool that helps you in creating lists, email marketing, automation, and affiliate marketing. It has amazing products and services which are highly recommended to the users.

🙋‍♂️Is Kartra the best choice for beginners?

Kartra is absolutely a great choice for beginners. Kartra works best for beginners as it provides opt-ins, sales pages, and templates where you can design for developing your pages with the help of page builder and you can add things like pop- up, alert bars, and a help desk where you can link.

🙎‍♂️Is Kartra worth it?

I'd say Kartra is worth it as it offers you a 14-day free trial where you test it and experiment with it for your products and services and then when you see the results you can go forward with it. You can create one-click campaigns and it shortens the learning course of how to put all of these different things together.

✅ Is Kartra good for SEO?

Katra has recently improved SEO features but they are not that good

🤷‍♂️What is Kartra used for? Kartra, the all-in-one marketing platform to run online business. Kartra lets you turn on a host of automations based on your recipients' behaviors,

🙋‍♀️Do I need coding skills to use Kartra? No, we do not need to acquire any sort of coding skills to use kartra, since we have the most popular and renowned feature - the drag and drop alternative. The feature will help us in receiving the pages just through a single click.

Conclusion | Kartra Review 2021

With Kartra, you can grow your business online and how you can make money offline, and if there are things which you’re interested in creating more freedom in your life. Kartra is going to be much better for beginners as you can add things like pop-ups, alert bars, and your help desk where you can link to.

So, you can open in these pages the links you have the option to link pages on so many elements on-site and it makes life so much easier for creating automation.

If you are starting out and really want to keep things simple then Kartra is really for you. It takes you step-by-step in how to set-up your pages and funnels.

They also have campaigns where they have created done-for-you campaigns on many different topics.

What I like about this is it’s not just about the pages actually you get the pages, you get the forms, you get their email lists that set-up, you get the sequences that are set-up as well.

So, template campaigns are our whole marketing for particular things. They even have automated webinar campaigns.

Emails, pages, and automation are all done for you and you just need to go inside and edit the holdings and colors and make them match your brand. 

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