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Kartra pricing is one of the best pricing plans suited to any business model. Well, if you are in rush, you can quickly get the Kartra free trial for $1.

Kartra is brimming with productive plans with appropriate features that come along. With plans comes the different characteristics that give a major boost to the Kartra pricing plan.

Long Story short

Problem: The biggest challenge that most ecommerce owners face is the pricing of their products.

Agitate: How much should you sell your product? What factors influence the price? How do I set my prices so they are competitive and profitable for me, and still affordable to my customers?

Solution: We have simplified the Kartra pricing page for you by breaking down all of the different features into three simple packages, each with a low monthly price point that won’t break your budget!

Kartra’s pricing plan has innumerable features with advantages. Kartra even works and operates as a marketing tool as it does endeavours email marketing too.

The four renowned Kartra pricing plans are – starter, silver, gold, and platinum.

In the following article Kartra pricing plan, we will talk about 

  • Kartra pricing plans
  • Can we Cancel or Change our Kartra Plan At any time?
  • Kartra Pricing Summary
  • Best Kartra Features.
  • Is Kartra Worth The Price? 
  • And finally, we would know more about the Kartra pricing plan.

Bottom Line – Kartra pricing plan has beneficial plans such as Starter Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan & Platinum Plan for business carrying the productive features. Kartra also gives a free trial for 14 days with most of its extensive features. 

With the amount of features, tools and the quality of customer support, it comes as no surprise that why Kartra is the most loved tool for the marketers.

Kartra pricing plans reviews

In short, Kartra provides the incredible value for money with amazing Kartra membership site trial.  Try Out Kartra here.

Kartra Pricing Plans Packages & Options 2021: Is Kartra Expensive? 

The four most renowned Kartra pricing plans as mentioned and incorporated are as follows

Kartra Monthly Pricing:

Kartra Pricing Plans

Kartra Starter Plan 

The cost of Kartra Starter plan

  • Price- $99 per month.
    • Price per month ( when charged annually)- $79.
  • Incorporates innumerable features like – offering and rendering 2500 leads, with one custom domain, giving 15,000 emails per month, 50 GB storage, providing host 100 pages with 

50 videos, giving you 2 major membership sites, the opportunity of adding one extra team member, connecting to the helpdesk, etc.

Features of Starter Plan:

The starter plan of Kartra pricing plans can be availed at just $99 per month, which proves to be one of the cheapest plans. Plus all the fantastic features are already embedded and entrenched within the plan.

The starter plan is the best option for all individuals looking to start or establish a small business.

This is extremely appropriate for beginners as mentioned in the name of the pricing plan itself.

Here are some of the main features which uplift the starter plan 

  • 2 major help desk portals.
  • Offering about 15000 emails every month.
  • Creating a total of 100 landing pages.
  • Around 20 products are formulated.
  • With one custom domain.
  • Rendering a maximum of 100 marketing automation tools.
  • Innumerable landing page visits.
  • With two major sites of membership.
  • And the 20 flexible follow-up sequences.

The starter plan gives a major increase and an upswing for the aspiring businessmen mainly devoted to expansion & improvement in their business ventures.

It is even directed at establishing the funnels and most importantly, marketing pages.

This is considered to be one of the best plans for a beginner.

Thus, Kartra even conducts and administers email marketing. Our work is directed with the utmost ease.

Where we can obtain the maximum leads and send them the emails accordingly. Which represents Kartra as an all-in-one marketing platform.

Kartra Silver Plan

What is the cost of Kartra Silver plan?

  • Price- $199 per month.
  • Price per month- $149 ( when charged annually).
  • Incorporates innumerable features like – offering 12,500 leads, with 3 major custom domains, innumerable emails with unlimited bandwidth. 
  • Inclusion of Numerous videos, products, membership websites, countless members, help desks, and it even provides the users with a Kartra agency plan.

Kartra Silver plan features 

The silver plan is considered to be one of the most popular and renowned plans costing about $199 per month. It is referred to be the prominent one because of the greatest deals and characteristics it offers the user.

It includes some of the major pros within its marketing software.

The major aspects of this plan lie in its features, which are:-

  • Up to a total of 12,500 leads or contacts.
  • Total of about 3 custom domains.
  • Stream 125 GB bandwidth
  • Emails
  • Helpdesk 
  • Membership sites.
  • Bandwidth
  • Page visits.
  • Marketing automation tasks.
  • Flexible follow up sequences.
  • Unlimited pages to be created
  • Unlimited page visits
  • Sell unlimited products
  • You can host as many membership sites as you want
  • Unlimited dynamic follow-ups and automation.
  • Kartra Agency Access

The silver plan is considered as one of the most well-known plans because of its ability & capability of commencing high- converting sales funnel.

Kartra Gold Plan 

What is the cost of Kartra Gold plan?

  • Price- $299 per month
  • Price per month ( when billed annually) – $229.
  • Incorporating innumerable features like- offering the individuals without about 25,000 total leads & contacts, with 5 major custom domains, countless emails & bandwidth.
  • Countless pages, videos, products, membership sites, team members with help desk portals & kartra agency features.

Features of Gold Plan

The Kartra gold pricing plan is spectacular and explicit in its ways and means. We can reflect over and see some of the famous features it offers-

  • Kartra agency plan feature.
  • 5 major customizable domains.
  • Offering up to 25,000 contacts and leads.
  • Send 250,000 per month
  • Stream 200GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited pages to be created
  • Unlimited page visits
  • Sell unlimited products
  • You can host as many membership sites as you want
  • Unlimited dynamic follow-ups and automation

It has countless and unlimited features in terms of emails, membership sites, helpdesk portals, and other such features.

Kartra Platinum Plan 

The cost of Kartra platinum plan:

  • Price- $499 per month.
  • Price per month ( when billed annually)- $379.
  • Incorporating innumerable features like- offering about 50,000 leads or contacts, with 10 major custom domains, unlimited products, videos, and countless membership sites.
  • Unlimited team members, helpdesk portals, and most importantly, it has a feature of Kartra agency.

Kartra’s Platinum Plan features 

The platinum plan of kartra pricing plan isn’t different and unique from the gold plan besides, its pricing and costs involved. Both have the same features.

It’s just a minute difference between the number of leads and the domains it carries. 

  • 50,000 leads
  • With 10 major custom domains
  • Unlimited features provided for – membership websites, team members, helpdesk portals, videos, and products.

Thus, all these respective plans are somewhat different yet the same in some of the necessary and important spheres and aspects.

To know more, check our Kartra review here and find if it is for you.

Kartra Yearly Pricing: Save 25% Now | Kartra Bonuses & Discounts 

Kartra yearly discount will save you 25% on all pricing plans.

Kartra yearly pricing plans- how much does kajabi cost

Kartra Price Plans With Free Trial: How much is Kartra free trial? 

Now, there is no 30-day free trial for Kartra but you can use the trick that I have shared to get the Kartra free trial. You can get the Kartra 14-day trial by paying $1.

After the free trial ends, you can purchase any of the below Kartra pricing plans:

To recapitulate and outline the major facts about Kartra pricing plans are followed as- 

  • The first Kartra plan,  starter plan costs about $99 per month.
  • The second plan, the silver plan costs about $199 per month.
  • The third plans, the gold plan costs about  $299 per month
  • The fourth plan, the platinum plan costs about $499 per month.

The first Kartra starter pricing plan is mainly meant for beginners and amateurs to learn and know the functioning associated with it.

The other three respective plans can be opted used by the experts, professionals, and other people according to the size of their business and whatever plan suits their objective and motive. 

These pricing plans are considered to be worth the money and time.

Many users have used these plans and are extremely satisfied with them.

Kartra pricing plans have offered the users with best deals and plans. It even has given us many features to dwell upon. These plans will seem to give a major kickstart to various businesses and these plans are undoubtedly the best from the best.

It is extremely important to look over the full details of the plans & go for the right one as opted.

Yet, Kartra pricing plans come with promising and the most reasonable plans for the customers and users.


Can You Cancel or Change Your Kartra Plan At any time? 

Kartra Pricing Plan - Site

Yes, we can cancel or change our Kartra plan anytime. As Kartra’s portal enables and facilitates all of us to cancel, downgrade, upgrade at any time, without any major problems and foundations. Kartra offers the utmost ease and simplicity in functionality.

Customers have the liberty to cancel or switch to other plans very easily and efficiently.

This is what makes the Kartra pricing plan so resourceful and productive. Users and operators would love and enjoy operating it. In case, they aren’t satisfied with the respective plans, features, or characteristics.

They’re allowed to gather different options and alternatives for the same as mentioned above.

How to get Kartra 14-day Trial?

Step 1:  Go to kartra home page following our link here. Using this link would only give you a free trial. A pop-up like this will appear on the home page.

Kartra free trial - Kartra coupons and discounts

Step 2: Click on ‘Yes, Try Kartra for $1’ to get the Kartra trial.

Step 3: Fill in all the necessary billing information to get Kartra subscription.

Kartra pricing plans and packages free trial

Step 4: After clicking on ‘Continue’, the cart option will appear.

kartra free trial plans and leads

Step 5: Click on Continue and proceed with the payment to start you trial.

Kartra packages and free trial

Best Kartra Features: Top Features & Tools of Kartra  

Kartra has tons of features and fantastic tools to use. There are so many tools that it can be overwhelming at times.

Here, I will be telling you what will you get when you sign up for the Kartra free trial:

The features as incorporated under Kartra are as follows-

  • Establishing membership areas- Kartra will help us establish the membership areas and a membership program. It will make functioning extremely quick and abrupt.
  • One-click upsells / downsells- this is one of the most important and popular features of Kartra. Upsells or downsells help the customers in speeding up their buying process, in a  simple and susceptible manner.
  • Multiple payment gateways-  Kartra collaborates with multiple payment gateways such as –  PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, etc.
  • Affiliate management system- Affiliate management system enables us to brim ourselves with truckloads of affiliates, thereby helping us to promote or stimulate our product.
  • For this, we do not need to invest in additional costs or money. Everything is done within Kartra itself. This is the same strategy adopted by many businessmen to promote their products

Kartra Sales Funnel Builder:

Kartra landing page builders - kartra vs Infusionsoft

For beginners or non-coders who have a knack for knowledge, the platform offers over 100 pre-made templates that can be used to build any kind of website you want. The templates are pretty attractive and they range from anywhere from old-school to modern.

You just need to click a mouse and import them into your site. These characteristics of Kartra enable the operators and users in creating productive landing pages and sales funnel specifically meant for online marketing.

Drag and drop builder is an excellent option that will let us use the feature much needed and required by us.

Kartra Webinars:

Kartra review-Kartra video hosting platform

Kartra comes up with its ways and means of video hosting. Which will ease and enhance your functioning only when you buy the respective hosting platform to use it.

Kartra lets you upload all of your marketing videos. You can produce them directly to Kartra then embed them into different pages. For example, Kartra can be used on Membership portals, WordPress blogs, or other landing pages.

Now Kartra has many useful features–for instance, the quality of the call to action feature pops up while a video is playing.
Kartra hosting also comes with player features such as

  • Mute on start autoplay on
  • load social media sharing and
  • hide the video con

Kartra Membership Management:

Kartra membership tiers

Subscriptions and memberships are great because they give you predictable payments every month. It is also smart to create your business in this way.

For example, if you have an ebook that costs $30, instead of asking for $30 all at once, you could ask for $10 monthly membership fees and release the chapters one at a time over the course of 6 or 12 months.

A membership building tool is needed to successfully manage your membership base.

Here are some characteristics that will help you find it:


  • Drip Content Function
  • Support for a Wide Range of File Format
  • Progress Tracker
  • Multisite Portals
  • Membership Tiers

Is Kartra Price Plans Worth The Price? (Kartra Customer Reviews)

Yes, Kartra is extremely legitimate and worth the price. It will help you to save money and cost.

Kartra testimonials- kartra funnel review

It is a total all-in-one marketing platform enabling all the tasks under the given cost of the pricing plan. We can do email marketing, funnel building, creating landing pages, and whatnot.

Utilizing $100 per month with access to across 6 platforms within a year leads up to sum up your entire functioning within a basic Kartra plan.

Within the same price as mentioned within the pricing plans, we’re able to discover and use different characteristic features.

We do not need to pay extra or additional costs to avail the benefits of the different types of traits of Kartra. everything is already mentioned and included under a basic pricing plan.

Kartra Pricing Package: What does Kartra replace?

With Kartra, you can literally ditch a lot of tools. The best part about the Kartra is that it replaces almost every other marketing tool and brings them all under one roof.
That’s why I would recommend you to try Kartra which could save you costs by giving more discounts, a free trial, and all other bonus stuff.
Here is what Kartra can probably replace if you are using tools like these:
  • Leadpages (landing page builder),
  • ActiveCampaign (email automation),
  • SamCart (shopping cart tool),
  • LiveAgent (helpdesk),
  • Vimeo (video hosting),
  • Kajabi (membership software),
  • Tapfilliate (affiliate center)
  • Pop up form buiders and a few other solutions.

FAQs | Kartra Pricing Plans

🙋‍♀️ How much does Kartra cost?

Kartra has four major pricing plans which are starter plan, silver plan, gold plan, and platinum plan. The first Kartra plan, the starter plan costs about $99 per month. The second plan, the silver plan costs about $199 per month. The third plans, the gold plan costs about $299 per month The fourth plan, the platinum plan costs about $499 per month.

🤷 Can I use my domain on Kartra?

Yes, we can use our domain on Kartra simply by registering our name on specified and mentioned in the best domain registrars as approved by ICANN. Thereby, registering the domain names. Since there are numerous registrars, we need to opt for any three prominent ones and select the one by our own needs.

🙎‍♀️ Do I need coding skills to use Kartra?

No, we do not need to acquire any sort of coding skills to use Kartra, since we have the most popular and renowned feature - the drag and drop alternative. The feature will help us in receiving the pages just through a single click.

💁‍♀️ Is there a money-back guarantee for Kartra?

Yes, Kartra has a 30-day money-back policy in case, if someone is dissatisfied. They're likely to receive the fund within 30 days of opting for the plan. One is even required to send a message on email or directly click on the helpdesk.

🤷 Which package should I choose?

One can choose any package, and it should even suit their business size. Any operator can select it according to the number of bandwidth, emails, leads, and other marketing inputs we need for ourselves. The Kartra packages have lined up & exclaimed the respective features granted within a limited price - base. Hence, we can opt and choose any package according to our needs & desires.

Conclusion | Are Kartra Pricing Plans Affordable Enough? | Kartra Pricing & Free Trial

Kartra does have some awesome features within a limited cost-based proving plan which is – funnel templates as added by the prominent marketers, helpdesk, membership sites, a good responsive and receptive team & whatnot.

All of it proves why we should opt and rely on Kartra as an all- In- one marketing platform. 

If Kartra feels expensive, check out more Kartra alternatives below: 

Kartra does have some awesome features within a limited cost-based proving plan which is - funnel templates as added by the prominent marketers, helpdesk, membership sites, a good responsive and receptive team & whatnot. All of it proves why we should opt and rely on Kartra as an all- In- one marketing platform. 

Price:$ 99
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