How Good is the Google Digital Marketing Course?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to take a digital marketing course from Google. These include the cost, completion rate, and accessibility. To make an informed decision, you must first consider the benefits. A Google digital marketing course may be an effective option if you are looking for an easy way to get started with digital marketing. However, it might not be suitable for you if you have a limited budget.


Google’s digital marketing course is a free resource for those interested in the field. All you need is a Google account and an email id to enroll. The course covers various topics, from essential machine learning to technical support. Courses are offered in many languages and accredited by reputable third parties.

You can take this course even if you have no prior experience. The system requires about 40 hours of dedicated learning time and a certificate. This certificate is recognized internationally and is accepted by many agencies and companies. The course is also affordable and provides a solid foundation in the internet marketing world.

The Google digital marketing course includes many modules covering various topics. Each module contains a tutorial video, a short quiz, and a 40-question exam. This means you can complete the course within a reasonable time. It would help if you allowed yourself at least 10 hours per week to complete the course.

The Google digital marketing course is offered by Strategyworks, a company that has been in the industry for over ten years. It focuses on improving the skills of beginners in the digital marketing field. It is the only course accredited by an outside body and provides students with a certificate of completion.

The Google-certified marketing course also includes a module on video advertising. It teaches students how to optimize their videos to be highly visible. You’ll learn how to place and create video advertisements on Google, and you’ll be prepared to take an examination to become certified by Google. The Google-certified course is a great way to increase your chances of success.

The Google digital marketing course also teaches students how to use Google’s AdWords tool. Advertisers use this viral tool to target the right audience for their ads. You’ll also learn how to customize your ads and track their performance. You can use the ad network to reach a targeted audience with relevant products by learning about display advertising. This form of advertising is expected to grow and become one of the most effective marketing strategies. Hundreds of thousands of marketers will use this advertisement in three to four years.


A Google digital marketing course is a great way to learn digital marketing if you want to start a new business or grow your existing business. These courses are designed to help you understand digital marketing from a strategic standpoint. For example, you will learn how to build a keyword list, choose an attribution model, and evaluate results. You will also learn how to use Google My Business and use conversion metrics to your advantage.

The cost of a Google digital marketing course varies, but it is usually under USD 300. You can choose a part-time or full-time study option to complete the course. A Google certificate can take you less than six months to complete and requires only under 10 hours per week. Because most learners finish within six months, it can cost as little as USD 117 for a 6-month certificate. The certification will prepare you for new and existing market challenges and give you a head start.

The Google digital marketing course consists of 26 modules and over 40 hours of course material. The course materials include videos and practical exercises. This way, you can complete the course at your own pace. Once you are ready, you can take the exam online to get certified in Google digital marketing. If you pass the exam, you will have a certificate and can begin working as a digital marketer.

A Google digital marketing course is an excellent option if you want to learn how to optimize your website for maximum search engine results. It’s affordable and can help you improve your knowledge of the internet marketing industry. The courses can also help you find a job in this growing industry. However, before enrolling in a Google digital marketing course, ensure you know the basics of digital marketing.

After completing the Google digital marketing course, you’ll receive a Google certification, which is an excellent way to boost your credibility. The certificate can help you get more high-value clients. You’ll also learn more about social media and mobile marketing.

Completion rate

Taking a Google digital marketing course will teach you the techniques and concepts you need to succeed in the digital marketing industry. The content of these courses is created and certified by Google’s official trainers. That means you’ll learn the same information the trainers use when teaching students to pass Google exams. You’ll learn the basics of video advertising, Google display Networks, and how to promote a business on YouTube.

Taking a Google digital marketing course gives you a leg up on the competition. By learning about the latest products that Google offers, you’ll be better able to create effective campaigns and track the results of your campaigns. These courses will also teach you how to use advertisement extensions to increase click-through rates.

Another benefit of Google digital marketing courses is the affordable price. These self-paced online programs are designed to help people learn the basics of digital marketing without spending too much money. These courses will help you build a solid foundation in the internet marketing world and open employment doors for those who complete the program.

The third course in the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate is called From Likes to Leads: Digital Marketing on Social Media. This course will teach you how to use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to increase your brand’s reach and enhance sales. Many businesses use social media as one of their primary digital marketing channels. You must have a solid online brand presence to succeed in digital marketing.

Another significant benefit of completing a Google digital marketing course is the certification it will give you. The certification will prove your expertise in the field and boost your credibility with clients. Upon completing the course, you’ll have a certificate that can be used in social media profiles and on a CV. The classes will also help you explore various career options and build a strong resume for future success. Almost 60% of the world operates through digital means, so it’s crucial to have a solid foundation to succeed in the digital marketing industry.


Accessibility has become a top priority for companies to attract and retain customers. Today, customer expectations are higher than ever. Companies like Netflix and Amazon have primed consumers for a frictionless digital experience. To provide these experiences, they make digital accessibility a top priority.

The course covers the bread and butter of digital marketing – organic and paid search – analytics, and other general aspects. While it’s ideal for beginners, more experienced marketers can benefit from the content. Some concepts and terminology may have been buried in their memory, and the course will jog them back into your brain.

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